Your Money, Your Retirement podcast aims to educate and entertain by keeping you informed about today's financial markets and how it affects your retirement.

The Longest Running Bull Market In History

A new record has been set for the longest running bull market in history! But what does this mean for your retirement planning? Listen as Gary explains why we should be more concerned with goals; not records.

Rising costs from the current trade disputes can drain your retirement income

Meat, vegetables, auto parts, construction materials, chemicals – it’s all part of more than $200 billion in tariffs proposed by President Trump’s administration. China, in turn, has imposed tariffs on over five hundred American products worth approximately $34 billion. Listen as Gary explains what this means for YOUR bottom line.

Rising health care costs and protecting your retirement

Most Americans underestimate their long term care costs by over 50% and this number is rising. Listen as Gary explains ways you can combat the costs of long term care.

Trump, Tariffs and Trade Wars

This week Gary explains how Trump's new tariffs can lead to a trade war and what this means for YOUR bottom line.

Could a trade war drain your retirement savings?

Gary discusses the 8 things you need to know about the growing trade disputes with China.

I'm retired.....now what?

Holistic retirement planning includes much more than just financing your retirement; it's also about planning your retirement routine. After 35 years of working in this industry, today I share some experiences of people who retired and then asked themselves "now what"?


Keep the retirement income rolling

This week Gary discusses why many people now fear running out of money in retirement and ways to help protect the retirement funds you have worked so hard to build.