Gary's Process

Gary has created a Four Step Process to grow and protect your retirement wealth. Born from his passion for helping families preserve and pass on their wealth, Gary's clients are given access to a system he created, tailored and customized over his 35 years in business.


Step 1. Personalized Evaluation






Everyone has a unique financial situation and objectives. Just as you get a physical examination every year, it's important to have a financial "check up" to make sure that your portfolio matches your retirement goals and needs. We look over your situation and determine the health of your portfolio based on a number of factors, including how at-risk are your assets, your current and future tax burden, and the diversificaiton of your assets.


Step 2. Risk Assessment





Depending on your stage in life, it's important to have your money in places which match the level of risk you feel comfortable taking. For example, someone in their 70s would probably want to take less risk than someone in their 20s, in part because they might need to turn their investments into an income stream in retirement. We give all of our clients a risk assessment that allows them to understand the level of risk they feel most comfortable taking. 


Step 3. Recommendation






Based on the Personalized Evaluation and Risk Assessment, my team and I recommend strategies that match our clients' retirement objectives. Whether someone needs to derive income from their investments for the next 30 years or whether they plan to change their spending habits in retirement, we take those factors into consideration when recommending strategies for investing. Additionally, we advise our clients on how government regulations may affect their assets in retirement.


Step 4. Implementation





After presenting our recommendations to our clients, we then work with our clients to put those plans into action. This lends to an ongoing relationship where clients can ask for our help when they need it. We have had client relationships that have lasted over two decades, and we make sure to stay in touch with our clients at least quarterly to ensure that everything is working the way it needs to.