Our Services

Tax Planning

Tax planning is more than filing an annual return. It's about working with a financial professional who can properly analyze your financial situation and provide tax-efficient planning solutions. Our firm specializes in helping clients plan ahead for a tax-advantaged retirement income with strategies which may help reduce income and capital gains taxes, taxation on Social Security benefits, and retirement accounts.

Retirement Planning

Utilizing conservative retirement strategies, the team at Morristown Financial Group works to ensure our clients have access to their money when they need it most. As fiduciaries, our investment advisors help design and implement cost-effective and high-value employee-based retirement plans that are structured to meet the best interests of our clients.

Estate Planning

Estate tax laws are complex and often confusing to the average individual. Working with legal and other financial professionals, Morristown Financial Group LLC ensures that our clients' estates are properly structured to pass on to their heirs or charities of choice with minimal government intrusion.

Insurance Planning

While we can't insure against every risk, cautious planning demands that we determine which risks pose the greatest threat to our clients' financial well-being and how to best mitigate them. At Morristown Financial Group, we understand the important role insurance can play in protecting, preserving, and transferring wealth. Our professionals can help you determine which type of insurance would be suitable and in your best interest.

Employee Benefits

With the complexities and dynamic changes of health care reform, never before have employers and individuals needed the assistance and guidance of seasoned benefits specialists. The professionals at Morristown Financial Group help Tri-State area employers effectively navigate the maze of complicated laws and plan design options.

1. Lifetime income is guaranteed on certain products offered, as long as all contract terms and conditions are met as required by the specific plan implemented.