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The 7 Rules of Investing

From 1977 through 1990, Lynch ran one of the most successful mutual funds ever, posting an average annual return of 29%. Over his career, Lynch espoused many investing principles, but there are seven in particular that I think all investors should keep in mind.
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Study by Charles Schwab Reveals Frightening Retirement Statistic

If I told you that people who perform their own auto repairs experience almost double the car problems compared to those who use an experienced mechanic, would you be surprised? What if I said that people who try to invest for retirement on their own have almost 50% less in their accounts than those who use an experienced financial advisor?
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A Change of Scenery: Benefits of Moving after Losing a Loved One

Seeking a change of scenery can seem like an obvious decision when a loved one dies. The aftermath of such a loss may be so profoundly painful that there may seem to be no other option - and it may indeed be the right decision for you.
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A Financial Advisor's Guide to Making Smart Money Decisions

Every day I have the privilege of walking couples and individuals through complex financial decisions and have developed a road map for my clients that I encourage them to use on every financial decision, both big and small.
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Learning To Read Your Paycheck Pays Off!

We live in a world of numbers. They';re on signs, calendars, clocks, microwaves, bills, phones, you name it. Most of the time, we scarcely give these numbers a second thought. We're so used to seeing them, we ignore them and get on with our day. But as you know, some numbers are more important than others; like the ones found on your paycheck. Do you know what all those numbers mean? Just as importantly, when was the last time you reviewed these numbers?
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Teaching our Youth Financial Literacy

As a parent, I have realized that while our public schools do a tremendous job teaching our children about Science, History and Mathematics, what they often lack is a curriculum in financial education. Today, I share with you some helpful tools to teach your children about finances so they are better prepared to make sound financial decisions.
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Empowering Women Through Financial Independence

The best way we can empower the women in our lives is through financial independence. In order to get financially independent, women must recognize that they face unique challenges but with the right education they can overcome them all.
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