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Gary's Story

I began my career in 1982, working as a wealth manager for middle management executives in New York and New Jersey. Then in 2000, a startling event in my wife's family caused me to change the focus of my business to retirement and estate planning.

My wife's grandmother Tillie was a frugal and kindhearted woman who worked hard to provide for her three daughters. She owned a knitting and crocheting store for over 50 years, and built an estate worth nearly half a million dollars. When Tillie passed away in 2000, the family discovered that her estate was nearly bankrupt. All that remained were several small pieces of jewelry which were fought over by the three sisters.

“How could this happen”, I said to myself; Where did the money go?”

Although my wife's grandmother had done a great job accumulating wealth while working, there was no plan for how to effectively spend the money in retirement. A few years before she passed away, Tillie unexpectedly broke her hip and went into a rehab/nursing home facility for 45 days of post-operative care. She had one daughter living with her at the time, who decided to keep her mother in the nursing home, where she lived for six years. 

When she passed away, I was shocked to learn that the nursing home had cost a whopping $6,000 a month (back in 1994!) I was saddened that no one had consulted with a professional to discuss possible alternatives to nursing homes. I did some research and discovered several options that would have allowed Tillie alternative options to nursing homes. A passion was stirred in me to help others create plans for their retirement that allow them to do what's important for them, protect their wealth and pass it on to their children.